Dress / ZARA
Shoes / Lorenzo 
Sunglasses / ALDO
Bag / Boohoo
Shorts / Cropp Town
Bracelet / Gift

   Hihi, this OOTD post is a little bit different because I am writing here. It's a VERY warm autumn in Lithuania yet and I'm really happy for that. But I'm a little bit missing those colder autumn days, when you can wear your coat, hat and you can feel true autumn vibes. My lovely friend JustÄ— took photos of me. She is amazing and we are creating our new project. So you will see it soon!
   And now I wanna write about my outfit. This zara shirt dress is my favourite. It's comfortable and it matches with various clothes, but there is one problem.. You must wear shorts with it. The shoesss... I reaaally like them because of their color. I wear these ALDO sunglasses with this dress because, oh well, they look good together. Oh and the tights.. This outfit won't be so good without them.  Dark red shows that the autumn is here.


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