Trench coat / Primark 
Shirts / Second hand shop
Pants / MANGO
Shoes / ZARA 
Bag / Second hand shop
Earrings / ALDO
Ring / Fashion Zone

   This outfit was really random. I dressed the first clothes from my wardrobe and then looked in the mirror and thought "hmm, this outfit is not bad." I have changed shoes with my friend Karolina because her shoes suited more with my outfit. 
   More about my outfit! When I saw this bag I fell in love with it at first sight. It gives a sense of luxury and makes you feel stylish. This coat I just love it. Now, when it's raining a lot,get a really good use out of it. Because firstly you look as the French say: à la mode (fashionable), secondly when it rains the coat doesn't get wet, so you can feel safe from the rain. The shirt that im wearing you'll be seeing in my next post. I bought it from second hand shop for 1€. It's very comfortable and it stands out from the other official-looking shirt, so that's why I really like it. 


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