Hello my lovely readers, so today's post will be different, not about the fashion, but about the beauty products. Some of these products are my old using products, but some of them are new. I really enjoy to watch similar videos on youtube and I decided to write about my October favourites products. So enjoy!

 First of all, I want to write about my new perfume. This Victoria's Secret fragrance mist I bought from Membershop.lt but if you want it you can  buy ir from Victoria's Secret official page. The smell  is more suitable for summer but frankly I use it now and the smell is very sweet, reminiscent of cherry blossoms mixed with peaches. What I like the most that the price isn't very high. (I paid about 11€) My second new perfume is from ZARA. When I saw that in Lithuanian ZARA shops finally emerged perfume I think "OMG I will buy it all!!!" This ZARA DARK EMERALD is really autumn smell - sweet and smells like luxury. I paid for them about 10€ and it's 100ml capacity. Oh, btw if you want to buy two of ZARA perfume you can pay about 13€ I think (I don't excatly remember 12€ or 13€) So, if you want to smell good this autumn but you can't allow a lot of money, then buy these perfume! I promise you will smell really good!!

 Secondly, I present my new face products. This ODA active glycolic cleanser (AHA 10%) I got from my beautician and I got some ODA facial creams but they are a tester. My facial skin is really problematic,  a bit of acne. BUT when I started use ODA products my skin really changed. It has become fresher and cleaner. If you want to try some products you can byt it here. My favourite powder is from uogauoga.lt. It is amber sand 637 shade. Firstly why I love this powder it's that the powder is mineral and really natural. I used it I don't know, several years. It uses very slowly and that is good. 

 Actually my eyebrows are very dark. I inherited it from my mother. But sometimes I use eyebrow gel with color and this Loreal Paris brow gel mascara I just love. I use No. 04 Dar Brunnete shade. It isn't really pigmental but if you want that your eyebrows would be on top, you will have to try this Loreal Paris product.

 Honestly, I am obsessed with eye shadows. I could buy and buy it all the time. I finally bought my first makeup revolution product. It is redemption palette iconic 3. These colours are soo pretty and really pigmental. I love that there is shiny shades in this palette. These colours are similar to naked palette colours but this makeup revolution palette is much cheaper. Sometimes I used this shiny colours as a highlighter. This palette I bought from topbeauty.lt but I found page where are much more makeup revolution product you can find it here.

 This Kylie lipstick is the most popular now. My colour is CANDY K. My friend has DOLCE K and also it's very amazing. I like that this lipstick is matte and remain long time but lip liner is not the same colour like lipstick, it's brighter. But whtevr, the final result looks really pretty. 

 These Loreal Paris and Essence lipsticks are my favourite this fall. The colours are dark and autumnal. And I always using them with these lip liners. But Loreal Paris lipstick I use with Essence lip liner because as you can see the lipstick and the lip liner colours ar the same. These products are my old products but it doesn't matter I love them and I will use it all this autumn.

 Finally, I will present you my favourite autumnal nail polishes. The first two are buy a long time ago so I can't find them colour number. Sorry for that.. Okay, the third belongs to my mother but it is Sincero salon Classic S21 colour. It's dark colour and when you lacquer your nails it looks like the colour is black, so I really like it. The last two are from Loreal Paris and it's also dark colours. I like to lacquer these colours the same time and then I get dar dar red colour. It looks amazing. I just love Loreal Paris nails polishes.

I hope that you enjoyed this post as I enjoyed writing it. If you have some questions about the products contact me: migle.mademoiselle@gmail.com or leave the comment!


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