First of all, I want to apologize all of you for not posting for a long time. I was very busy latterly and I am busy now but I promise to find time to write new posts and I will post as often as possible.:)
So, this post is going to be about my favorite Lithuanian beauty brand - Uoga Uoga. I got these products before Christmas (except my mineral powder). I wanted to use them and see which products are good. BTW if you want buy some Uoga Uoga products, click on the link -> uogauoga.com 

This is natural nourishing oil with almonds and oranges for removing make-up. It is product definitely not for me. I have oily face skin and this oil just not for me. It remove make up good, smells great, but this product is for people which have dry or normal skin. (link here -> GREAT NIGHT)

This is natural moisturising cream with orange blossoms and tangerines. Yes, this cream is not intended to oily skin, but really like it. It smells also amazing, my skin stays nourished and moistened (this is very necessary in winter). When I used some other creams which is not intended to oily skin, my face was shiny and I don't like it, but this cream doesn't make shiny face effect. (Link here -> ORANGE CLOUD)

I was very happy when I saw that I got something to my hair caring. This is natural hair serum with coconut hair tip strengthen. I love products which smells like coconut. This product is amazing. My hair was nourished. I really recommend for people who want healthy and good looking hair.

This is natural lip & cheek color with lingonberry extract. I love the color because it's nude. Actually I don't use it for my cheek, I juse it just for my lips. I haven't any bad words about it, but maybe packing should be different and more comfortable. (Link here -> APRICOT)

 About this powder, which I really love, you can read in my older post here -> OCTOBER FAVOURITES.

I hope that you like it!


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