Jeans// MANGO
Shoes// FGM Paris
Shirt-dress// ZARA
Sweater// Vero Moda
Coat// H&M
Bag// ASOS

   Well, I don't know what to say about this "Lithuanian spring" weather. One minute the sun is shining and it's warm outside, but next minute the rain starts to rain.. I expected that this Easter holidays will be sunny and warm because I wanted to write more posts but now I don't have enough photos lol. 
   However, let's focus on the outfit. Eye-catching and main detail is my bag from Asos. I bought it about one year ago. If you follow my blog or me on instagram (@princessmigle), perhaps you've already seen it. (I paid 25€ as I remember.)I love searching on asos because you can find some pretty clothes, bags, shoes and other amazing things. DON'T forget shoes. It's amazing, isn't it? I borrowed it from my friend, she found them when she was in Spain and that was a love at first sight, so she bouht them immediately. Oh, I've almost forgotten, this grey coat I bought from second hand shop and paid ONLY 1€ and it was new. 



  1. Anonymous20/4/17

    Lovely the bag....

  2. Lovely outfit. the shirt style is similar to what women wear here- Kurta!


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