Puffer jacket//Only
Scarf, poncho//Pieces

   I'm finally writing my blog again. It's been a long time and I really miss sitting in the cafe and writing, take amazing pictures and edit them. I had very stressful time, because I'm in the twelfth grade and I have a lot to study, a lot homework to do for my school. But from now I'll try to find more time to write.
  This winter I really wanted white puffer jacket. When I saw this Only jacket, I can say it was love at first sight. Yes, I know that white jackets requires a lot of maintenance, but still I wanted it and I bought it. Skull on my T-shirt shows that I looove skulls on my clothes. And this boohoo backpack, actually when I ordered it, I thought it will be bigger, so I had a little surprise, when I got it. But still, I adore it, because it's so cute, and it has little stars, what I'm obsessed at the moment. Finally, the shoes... I think I have a little problem buying it, because on asos if I can, I will buy all of them. If anyone has this shoes problem either??


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