Sweatshirt// New look (Just click and buy. Easy:)) )
Jeans// Primark
Backpack// Boohoo

I was looking for this sweatshirt for a month. You know sometimes you saw something, you like it but when it comes to buying something you can't decide: Do you really want it and do you really need it?? I was looking something what I really want and what I really need. Something that I saw and fall in love at first sight. And I found it. I will post more things that I found scrolling asos and other shops but today is about this sweat. 

Usually, I'm not happy with new look products, but now they have so many beautiful and good quality clothes that I want to buy everything. And the prices are very good (not expensive) and they have so many sales. By the way, this sweatshirt is very comfy and soft...:)I swear you, I'm going to buy everything!

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