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Have you ever been at the best event of your life? I can say that I was. I can truly say, that ADEXE watch event was the best event last year for me. I should write about it a few months ago but if you follow me on Instagram, you see that I was reeaaally busy with my university works and then I got sick. And finnaly it was something wrong with my blog, I couldn't use it and I don't know why...:)  So, finally I fix the problem and I have time to write about this amazing event. I think is better now than never!
I took so many photos with my camera but something happened to my memory card and photos disappeared(I'm not the lucy one lol). Now I'm posting Michael Atkinson photos. 
So, basically, as every event has to be somewhere, this event was in amazing ''Moxy Hotel'' in Stratford. I can write so many good words about the hotel, about the event but I think then it would be the longest post I ever write. 
'Adexe Watch' event was one of the luxurious event I ever been. And it had everything. Like really, everything. They had the best canapes, best coctails. And what is more... We were able to have Henna Tattoos with glitter, some body arts with glitter, REAL tattoos and a lot of more amazing things. I believe not every event can offer you that much as this event. 
So, basically, this event was watch event, so each person who was invited to this event got amazing 'Adexe' watch, which they could choose by themselves. I choosed one then changed to other (you can see my final choise in my instagram @princessmigle). I got two tattoos, which says 'play on' and 'party now' (I think I'll post photo of all my tattoos on my instagram one day). Also, there was dance performance and we could party all night!(This is the best part of event lol)

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